budget home studio???



hey guys,

doesn't this site rock!!

i'm starting up in australia
i want to make good house music
i know the basics of djing
i don't know much to do with production
i'm very keen
and after a far amount of researching by reading mags and fact sheets on hardware,
playing with rebirth, music shop advice, etc

i've basically come up with this idea for a budget (am full time university student)
home studio setup

korg es1 - for sampling and making loops and for effects too
average keyboard synthensiser(FATAR STUDIOLOGIC MK-149) - for melodies and chords
cubase, cubasis or alternative - for programing my loops and patterns into layers
sony mdr headphones
sony mhc w550 stereo system
pentium 2, 200 mhz, 32ram, creative sound blaster


- will this work?
- will this satisfy my needs?
- will they be compatible?
- will it be good?
- does anyone have any better ideas or improvements?
- is the korg es1 easily compatible with a standard keyboard?
- can i hook the korg es1 to my computer so i can copy my
- do i need a program to let me load the loops and samples from the korg on the computer?
- what programs would be the best program to set my loops?

is there anything else i need?

etc etc so many questions,,,,,, sozy

but that is what the sites for right????

ps question: what music are you into (yes you?) and what do you have to help you make it??

Hi Huey,

Cubase is very powerful (I use it to arrange my progressive house music), but:

(1) It might be a slight overkill just for arranging loops. (On the other hand Cubasis might not have enough tracks.)

(2) I find the screen update and the interface in general a little shoddy and sluggish (even on my P2-300MHz)

There is a (slightly) harder learning curve compared with simpler programs like Rave Ejay & Acid, but lots of people swear by Cubase, and it certainly does the job as far as I'm concerned.

I recommend you get 128Mb RAM - memory's dirt cheap at the moment, and it'll help if you use lots of samples. And get a huge hard disk! (at least 20 Gig)

Good luck :)