Being a musician AND a Producer


Let's make hits
First of all, it's worth re-pointing out that this is a really cool idea and it's awesome to have you on here.

It's rare to see producers who are also standalone musicians. You've been on projects where you are purely just a producer and others where your music, whether its your composition of the song, or your vocals, or whatever, is the main focus.

My question:

Do you see yourself any differently when doing one or the other? Does it feel like a different process, and do you approach it differently? What's more enjoyable for you: producing a track for someone to rap over, or creating a standalone track?
yea, it definitely is a different process. its taken a long time to REALLY understand that a track needs to take a backseat when im producing for someone else. i can't say that one or the other is MORE enjoyable, but there's a sense of satisfaction from doing everything on a song that doesnt come from collaborating. but vice versa, also.

as an aside, i'd love to someday get hired to JUST play on a record, or JUST engineer, not produce or anything. it would be nice to not have all the responsibility.
That's awesome. Thanks.

I do a little of both (most recent solo stuff is in the link in my signature) and a large part of what got me going in that direction was "Since We Last Spoke" so I think it's probably appropriate to say this: ........ thanks.