Australian starting studio



I've just started my home studio. Accumulated a Proteus 2000 and a mackie mixer, have my good old computer as well(466Celeron).

I dunno what music I'm into. Maybe its pop, maybe R&B, maybe its eurobeat. Is ballad considered pop as well?

Well, yeh, after buying things, I don't have money left for a sampler. I'm thinking of using software sampler for now. Is there anyway to sample on my computer, and record that at the same time on my computer. I use my computer for recording as well.
And what software is good? I currently own logic and soundforge. But I reckon if I sequence, sample and record at the same time on my comp, the things gonna die on me. So what to do?

And yeh, I'm australian, but I'm chinese. So the music might be abit influenced by HongKong and JPop.

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I'd have a look at Orion... It's way cheap, includes a wicked virtual sampler, full sequencing, automation yadda yadda, easy to use, good support and stuff.... it can record MIDI, but not audio (use soundforge....)




(also and aussie with home studio aspirations...)
Thanx Man
I'll check it out.

I've got a SBLive card. So after sequencing with a software, or sampling. Can I use the Line Out And Joystick port (Midi OUT) and plug the outputs back into Line In to record? Because I once tried that before, and I think if I remember, it doesn't work, there was no sound being recorded. Or was it because it was recording material being played inside the computer as well.