any good cheap slipmat substitutes??say for emergencies.

take an old crap shirt, cut it into a circle and put it on the spindle, and then cut a carboard circle and put it on......

p.s. i don't know what the hell im talking about, its all logic.
Plato would smack you for that...:)

DOn't use shirts or cardboard... that'll really mess you up... use felt and wax paper, it's a lot better than that old Hanes Beefy-T:D

... rip out the plastic/wax sleeve (found in the vinyl cover) & just punch a whole... cos it's already round (if not use the circumference of the vinyl... & cut it out)

Cheers :D...
always keep a spare slipmat folded into your back pocket. yes, it will be wrinkled and stuff, but you could always put it on a shelf when you're at home and call it origami.