Analog vs. Digital (cliche but hey)


Illistrated Man
What up Fam,

Do you think software will ever be able to recreate the sounds that analog synth's/pres/etc make? I have a kurzweil 2500 and even though it's from the mid 90's, it has sounds that are waay nicer than most of the soft synths I use (NI komplete, xpand2, Reason).

I also had the CS-80V arturia plugin and it was great but it really didn't sound as full as I expected.

Any problems with analog synths that you've never had to deal with on software?

Regards, Emiliano
well analog synths are their own problem unto themselves. LOTS of maintenance, tuning, etc. softsynths MUCH easier.

i have the cs80v. its fun. doesnt sound the same as the real thing to me. softsynths might get 100% there someday, but the other side is that the kind of people who use analog synths are going to have their own way of going about recording-this is going to contribute to those recordings having their own type of "feel". who knows.