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I'm hoping this app I created might be of some use. It generates music using algorithms and exports it in a few different formats.

It's called "M-Gen" and you can use it to give you a bit of inspiration or even throw what it makes directly into your own work.

- composes songs (or individual percussion/bassline/melody/harmony/effects tracks) using constantly evolving algorithms (free)
- lets you give feedback to adjust the generated music until you've got something you totally like (free)
- exports the songs in MP3, MIDI or PDF (sheet music) format to your Google Drive (not free)

Oh, and there are no ads coz I hate ads. You can get it here:



I'd be really grateful for any feedback or comments. Thanks!
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Thanks. I also recommend start create your own app for music gen.
Yes, this is my app. I wrote it and am always trying to improve it so if you try it and have any suggestions about extra features you may want, let me know and I'll look at putting them in the app :)
M-Gen is now also available in the App Store for iOS devices. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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