Alternative Noir Hip Hop - hope someone enjoys it

Thanks for the feedback! I dunno if everyone else is thinking exactly the same, but I kinda doubt it. It`s cool with being harsh, I mean it`s your opinion man, better than trying to tickle my balls with false appraisal. I totally agree with the sample on "Too good to be true", truth is I`m just experimenting with sound and trying to learn shit, changing DAWs and hardware, I`m a newbie mostly. Since it`s a F4F forum, I tried listening to some of your shit but honestly, to me it sounds pretty generic and your raps are as bad as my beats hahaha. I love the scratches though, but I guess we`re on different trips with music. Anyway, at least I got the greatest samples you ever heard haha. :D Peace!
I re-read it and it did come off rude and you're right, experimenting is what it's all about.
That's not me rapping, personally I think he sounds good. I'm not sure how my jam sounds generic, maybe stuck in the 90's but to each their own.