Alesis Monitor One speakers: good ? price ?


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Hi there,

I'd like to buy studio monitors for home studio (now I'm still using my hifi speakers !!!) :eek:
As I am nearly out of money , and I have a wife... :) the price has 2B low (± $500/pair).
I have an analog mixer from Behringer: MX3282A.
Does anybody could say me if the "Alesis Monitor One MKII " monitors are a good choice ?
How they sound ? Good for house/techno/dnb ?
And is it correct that they cost in Europe about $300-$400 a pair ? Or is a piece ?
Thanx !

Pier ;)
Alot of studios use them NS10M's, and to me the Alesis sound better(better low end response) they were made to compete with tha yamahas
Thanx alot !
By the way, 'you know how they sound when U compare them with the Event 20/20bas ??

As good ? Or when U compare them, are the Alesis monitors sounds like a little fly, and the Event 20/20bas like a hurricane that enters your studio room ?
(watch out for flying cows !!!) :angel: