Afrobeat riddim - need vocalist


New member
Just finished a mellow, afrobeats-style beat and looking for a vocalist.
Please let me know if anyone is interested.
Thank you

I've been trying a lot on Soundcloud but no luck! This forum is dead also, it's frustrating... don't know where to look!
Yeah this forum is dead and there's no decent reggae/dancehall ones around any more. My advice would be to cruise soundcloud and send a message here and there, that's how I built up vocalists on my riddims. But Soundcloud is slowly dying too for independent music.

Send Mehdiman or Naja Naja a message, both voice a lot of people's music and I think would fit on you tune.
just saw this now.. i been doing it off and on for about 6 years.
I was most active about 2 years ago, I need that drive again... so frustrating when you can´t get vocalists; that´s what I need most