A video about the best FREE Vsts to check out to get started making music today.

This is awesome! But you can also check out "howtomakeemusic" on youtube. He also has free vsts and they're actually pretty nice.
before I watch the video are any of them AAX? (Pro Tools compatible)

Your best bet is to go to KVR and search any plugins of interest shown in the video. KVR has the largest list of plugins, paid and free, on all platforms. You can even browse and categorize plugins by AAX and discover some you didn't know about.

Here's a list of 642 AAX plugins, paid and free. If you want to only see the free plugins just add that as a requirement under "Pricing": http://www.kvraudio.com/q.php?search=1&q=&f1[]=aax
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i wanna be are film and music producer so i need help from you guys how can i be do i need smthng can atlst have are contect of someone who will help and i wll work for you and i'll sand some of the acters and musicn
We know a guy that can get you any vst for half the price and even lower !
You can hit vllad44(at)yahoo(dot)com and he will let you know more about this deal