A really newbian question on samplers


Supa Drop Kick Man

Everything I have been doing thus far in music has been sequenced and some what planned; unless live guitars and such.

At this point I want to start triggering and playing some of the wild dark samples I have caught, but unsure exactly how to go about doing it.

In other posts I have mentioned greats such as Robert Rich and Lustmord. They have fathomous heavy ambient sounds and all are triggered with samplers.

While in San Fran i got a sample of the Bart train system as it goes underwater into my minidisc. Can I transfer this into a sampler and play it as chords? Or can I just trigger it? Can I take any sound that I grab and associate them to keys on a midi keyboard, or will the pitched up and down samples sound too unnatural?

Any tips on this kind of production?

Thanks all!

A sampler can do it all for you :-) Too far pitched up and down samples sound unnatural, but a little pitching doesn't harm.