A Question Concerning Exposure


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First off I wanted to thank you for your contribution to the music scene and your unique style that caught my ear right off the bat. I remember when I first heard Ghostwriter in the film Prime, ever since then I have been hooked. Your creations have also allowed me to discover more artists with similar characteristics that I have come to enjoy.

Anyways, on to my question. I have an opportunity to showcase some instrumentals I have composed via a close friend of mine who is climbing the ranks at Def Jam in New York. She wants to use the songs for a demo that she will be submitting. I am excited about the possible exposure but worried that her voice, while talented, might be ill-suited for the particular tracks as I envisioned a strong male vocalist originally during creation. I sent her the tracks purely for inspiration and she ended up really liking them. The tracks represent some of my strongest works and I am worried that her vocals might cause the A&R to under appreciate the instrumentals. Are these self-proclaimed instrumental gems something I just need to let go and be heard, or should I keep them under wraps until the right artist comes along?
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I'm not RJD2 but if you want my opinion as well, go for it. Being heard is better than not being heard :). Also, the A&R is probably familiar enough with music to realize that even if the vocals don't suit the beat, that the beat itself is excellent (if it is). Good luck.
yes, do it. ALWAYS put your best foot forward. if the a&r glances over the insts, then no harm done, you can submit them AGAIN at a later time. minimal concern. you should be throwing your best tracks at as many people as you humanly can.
Thank you vsop and RJD2 for the reply! I took your advice to heart and gave her permission to use the tracks as she sees fit while still holding onto the creative license.