90's hip hop production without sampling

This thread reminds me of Soul II Soul...

That was some good music back then...
I think they mainly used synths (and created their own samples...)

I love people who dont sample as well, i produce all my songs with no sample loops, of courrse our drums are all one shots that were sample somewhere but no melodie no way!!!!!!!!! originaly must define your art !!!
Don´t forget the Moog & the Arp. Great bass sounds, wiered pads and the funky worm west coast g-funk sound. I bet they have used other original instruments too. Rhodes, Hammond, Harpsichord...stuff like that. Linn drum machine, GM sounds and soundbanks from their keyboards and samplers (E-Mu, Akai etc...) etc...
surprised nobody mentioned the drums specifically the snares. A slight reverb trailing off of a nice ,loud snappy snare would always be a vibe that makes me think of 90s hiphop production.
If you want to make a 90s beat use classic synths from roland, hits, 90s kick drums, and a good snare with some gate on it