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Thread: [DUBSTEP] Kenyen - "Don't Listen To This"

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    [DUBSTEP] Kenyen - "Don't Listen To This"

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    Let me know what you guys think. My goal was to make it as loud and fucked up as possible while also having emotion.

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    Got some thoughts on your track:

    Start - flute with 808 combo is really dope. It's my inspiration for the future so thanks for that.
    0:28 - cool plucked synth and fine melody and move from normal to lowered pitch.

    About 1:40 - the rise - good work, creates big tension that makes a listener want to be resolved.

    Generally I think you make a good and lot of work and my thought is that this track sounds to have 5-6 sections and each of them could be a separate track. So I think maybe there should be one more element in the arrangement that would be common for all of them.

    If you'd like to check my tracks and let me know what do you think - that would be much appreciated. In such case - please refer to my signature.

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