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  1. Arsonal Da Rebel Ft. Tsu Surf Shotgun Suge O-Red - This Is Jersey Prod. by Me
  2. Placement Taylor Bennett (Chance The Rapper's Brother) New Mixtape MainstreamMusic
  3. Lil B - Rick Ross (Migos Diss) Produced By Me
  4. Linnea Lei - Rise (Co-Written, Produced and Engineered by J.Troup)
  5. New song and video, yeah I'm a cab driver by day.
  6. Fallout Shelter
  7. Dynamics Plus – Seek End Destroy
  8. Avicii - The Days
  9. Linnea Lei - Honest (Produced and Engineered by J. Troup)
  10. Linnea Lei - Home (Produced and Engineered by J.Troup)
  11. WldFlwr - Indigo (Produced By SlurRty)
  12. Kenny Rebel - Arty (Produced By SlurRty)
  13. Eddy Baker - Luke Shapiro (Produced By SlurRty)
  14. Eddy Baker - Charlie Sheen (Produced By Me)
  15. ThouxanbandFauni - Gang (Produced By Me)
  16. The Ingrid Rachel Project - My Bad (Produced, Recorded and Engineered by J.Troup)
  17. Legendary producer Tha 4orce and Confucius MC present their new single ‘More To It’