Avicii - The Days


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Just wanted to post our video for Avicii - The Days and hear your thoughts about it! We made everything from idea to delivery in one week so it was a little bit intense one can say...



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When I saw this video I really loved it! I've aways thought that lyric videos should be the option for when you don't have a lot of money and you need to make a video for your track, but when I saw this one it was the best of both worlds. It enabled all the fans to listen to the song and sing along while admiring a great quality video with super original content. The last part with the avicii melody and the face formed with the lyrics made great conclusion and added the excitement that it needed for that specific part of the song.

Super original and well made. Please continue to make great work!


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Great vocal. I hate the acoustic guitar dead center in the track. Maybe Vimeo is making everything mono, but it sounds all dead center.


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This is epic!! the track and the video are spectacular..usually I get bored watching videos but this... well done!!
Never Stop!