Which song do you consider being the best Reggae-song of all time?


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Like the title says.

Personally, mine is Lee Perry's dubversion Fisherman Dub, originally made by The Congos (known as "Row Fisherman").
I know there are more than one version of it, but this is the one:

What about you? :)

You can only pick one!
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Wow, impossible question. I will randomly pick the original Wailers "Small Axe."

But it could be Perry's "Roast Fish and Cornbread." Or, "Police & Thieves." Or maybe Lopez Walker's "Send Another Moses?" Or Third World's "Brand New Beggar" or "Freedom Song?" Or any Dub by Scientist, Perry, or Niney?

Alpha Blondy's "Come Back, Jesus?" Or African Stone's "Run Rasta Run?" Misty's "Six One Penny?" Anything by Peter Tosh? Toots & the Maytals' "Funky Kingston?" Culture's "Old Tattoo" or "Capture Rasta?"

AaaRrrrGgghhh!!!! There's just way too many...

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Way too many big reggae tunes out there , but this one is killing me everytime

Jacob Miller - Baby I love You so
The riddim is Cassava Piece if I remember correctly.
Also known as "King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown"
Produced by King Tubby of course.

Personally I´m more into Rocksteady, but that´s another book.

Not quite Reggae but me go by it now but later would add some folk elements just need to sample instruments on Kontakt library bcos I am in like
Link here: