Layercake Samples - 90s R&B Sample Pack - Sarsaparilla

Layercake Samples presents ”Sarsaparilla, A 90s R&B Sample Pack.

“Where Sensual Meets Soulful”

Step into a nostalgic era of sensual hues!

Get your 90s. passport to a trip to memory lane inspired by the passion, romance, and smooth vibes of the golden era of r&b.

Delve into a curated collection of soulful melodies & alluring heartfelt harmonies, as this authentic 90s R&B sample pack showcases a wide palette of purple-tinged sounds that transcend time.

Key Features:

10 complete compositions with stems Vintage Synth Riffs and Chord Progressions Analog style Bass Classic Piano and Rhodes Live Guitar

Unleash Your Purple Passion:

Whether you're a music producer seeking to revive the magic of the '90s or an artist looking to infuse your music with soulful authenticity, "Sarsaparilla is your inspiration.

Elevate your sound with the rich, sensual vibes that defined an era.

this is "Sarsaparilla."

Samples for the Soul

Youtube Demo: