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The democrats politicized the Ukrainian community, i.e. reduced it to the party level
That is why it is logical for the opposition, or Trump, to hunt for (Radical) votes
If Biden did the negative, i.e. didn't help, Trump would scold him about why he doesn't help UP.
In the pre-election period, every vote in America is being hunted, and this is logic.
However, what happens before the elections and what will happen after the elections are one thing
These are completely different realities

I repeat, one man can never make strategic decisions in da erica.
There are plenty of restraining brakes
Trump will need congressional approval for all key decisions

America's current problem
"Collective Sullivanism" or squatting foreign policy (Obama's course)
Transformational changes, internal restart, courageous people at the helm are needed
The Republican Party is a "party of war"
They always have a much tougher foreign policy
Their main sponsors are the arms and oil producers, who are the ones who make the war the most
Therefore, even in the hands of Trump, I expect a much tougher and more effective policy from the Republican administration than it is now.
Worse than that is simply hard to imagine
America's interests are now the most damaged in recent decades, which is a direct result of Obama's (Dems) squatting foreign policy.

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