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Thread: How do I make this specific synth sound?

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    Question How do I make this specific synth sound?

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    Hey folks, I am a pretty new electronic producer and am still getting my head around how to take a sound that I have heard and recreate it myself. That being said- I was hoping for some direction on how to get as close to this main chord/ organ sound as possible-

    I can't post a link as it's my first post, but "charlie brown sad amv edit" on youtube will bring it up as the first video. The sound is around 24 seconds into the video.

    Any help or advice appreciated!

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    (I assume this is the video by Tubby Reacts)

    Seems like a few sine waves with a little bit of vibrato on them (if not vibrato then the volume is being raised and lowered as if it were vibrato). Maybe some cutoff if necessary.

    For the sweeping volume effect (as in, when the kickdrum hits and it goes quiet), research sidechaining if you don't know what it is already.

    Hope this helps~!

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