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Thread: Softube´s MODULAR series of in-depth tutorials

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    Softube´s Modular Tutorial 10 "Intellijel Rubicon"

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    I´ve started working on Tutorial 10about Softube´s Modular. This time I´m going to talk about themodule Intellijel “Rubicon”. It´s a prety complex beast and thetutorial will probably be the longest one I´ve ever produced (lookslike something about two and a half hour, perhaps even up to threehours). I suppose it´s going to be available at the end of July. Forthose, who have missed the beginning: Tutorials 1 to 9 start hereSoftube Modular The Tutorials part 1 - YouTube

    Have a great day and a good time!

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    Softube Modular Part 10: Intellijel "Rubicon"

    It´s done again! The “Rubicon”tutorial is available (part 10 of my series about Softube´sModular). With about 95 hours of production time (included some nightshifts) it´s got the longest and most comprehensive – so far –tutorial I´ve ever made: nearly 3 hours of explanations, experiments– and some jokes. And it´s not only the most comprehensivetutorial I have ever produces, it is – so far – also the mostcomprehensive tutorial about “Rubicon” on the Internet (disproveit, if you can :-))!

    Softube Modular Part 10 Intellijel Rubicon - YouTube

    0:00:00 Introduction
    0:01:38 The Front Panel: Ovverviewand Groups
    0:02:15 The Outputs: The Waveforms
    0:03:10 The Inputs: Groups ofFunctionalities
    0:04:38 Ranges of Frequencies
    0:08:33 The Waveform Switches
    0:08:44 Sine, Sigmoid andDouble Sigmoid
    0:12:30 Pulse, Centered andEdge Aligned, Merging Waves, PW, PWM
    0:29:19 Pulse Width Modulation
    0:32:17 Softsync (“Flip”)
    0:33:48 Terminology
    0:34:42 Relations ofFrequencies, Master and Slave
    0:40:00 Non-Integer Relations
    0:41:47 Different Waveforms ofthe Slave
    0:52:55 Different Classes ofSpectra
    1:16:00 Different Waveforms ofthe Master
    1:18:48 Hardsync
    1:20:11 Comparing Hardsync andSoftsync
    1:24:26 Master-Slave FrequencyRelations with Different Kinds of Master-Waves
    1:30:14 Rubicon as Master andRubicon as Slave
    1:33:10 The Magic of Zig-Zag
    1:35:03 Rubicon-Square versusA-110-Square
    1:43:34 SUB: Syncing to Death
    1:44:58 Networks of Mastersand Slaves
    1:46:40 Exponential FrequencyModulation
    1:47:05 Just for theBeginners: Some Explanations of Basic Terms
    1:48:00 FrequencyModulation
    1:49:43 ExponentialFrequency Modulation
    1:51:42 Linear FrequencyModulation
    1:53:07 Through ZeroFrequency Modulation
    1:58:42 First ExponentialFrequency Modulation with Rubicon
    2:02:02 Attenuating theStrength of Modulation
    2:03:44 Modulating theModulation
    2:07:49 A “Melody of Sounds”with MIDI-Notes as Modulators, Microtonal Scales,
    Macrotonal Scales
    2:10:25 Some Typical LittlerPatches
    2:15:07 Through Zero FrequencyModulation
    2:15:25 SYMMETRY
    2:20:40 INDEX
    2:26:10 And again: SYMMETRY
    2:28:17 Detour: The 20%Principle
    2:29:40 SYMMETRY and“Negative” Frequencies
    2:34:38 “A SingingModulator” or “Rubicon Gets Rid of Its Voice”
    2:46:58 Reflecting Partialsand Splitting Partials
    2:48:30 Future Prospects
    2:51:40 Some Words at the End
    The End at 2:52:38

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    The series is growing and growing: Part11 of my series of Tutorials about the modules of Softube´s Modularis available now.
    Tutorial 11 Softube Modulat Intellijell Korgasmatron II TRAILER - YouTube

    It´s all about Intellijel´smultifilter “Korgasmatron II”. 2 hours of explanations, examples,experiments and patches (well, only 1 hour 59 minutes and 32 seconds,to be precise). And like always: instead of a lot of words, here isthe
    0:00:00 Introduction
    0:00:35 The Family Tree ofKorgasmatron II
    0:01:40 The Overall Architectureand the GUI
    0:02:16 Internal Signal Paths (Aand B), Part 1
    (incl. Seriell Mode and ParallelMode)
    0:08:44 XFADE
    0:12:56 Seriell Mode
    0:16:15 XFADE Modulations
    0:21:35 Cutoff Modulations
    0:24:20 Internal Signal Paths (Aand B), Part 2
    (incl. FM2)
    0:29:25 1V/OCT and TunedSelf-Resonance
    0:34:03 Internal Signal Paths, Part3
    0:36:35 Audio-In, Gain and Clipping
    0:43:07 The 2 Lowpass Filters
    0:48:00 Q and Q-drive
    0:53:10 Distortion andSelf-Resonance
    0:54:10 Miss Marple and the Case ofthe Mysterious Partials
    1:03:33 The Bandpass Filter
    1:17:04 The Highpass Filter
    1:22:13 The Bandreject Filter
    1:32:30 Patch 1:“Zizzle-Grizzle”
    1:40:27 Patch 2: Surfing theOcean Waves of Partials
    1:47:05 Patch 3: A Kind ofCanon
    1:52:10 Patch 4: A SelfmadeDrum Machine
    1:55:45 Some Words at the End
    1:59:30 The End

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