➕ Free Subscription to Youtube Donations Creating VOICE TAGS in Maschine Welcome back to another video. We are doing a highly requested video making A voice tags. In this, you will learn how i make my voice tags as well as tips and tricks to making them stand out. Voice Tags became popular with the producer community so that audience can easily identify the producer of the beat. An alternative name for them is producer tags. If you have any questions of video request please leave them down below and i will show you my methods and secrets to making great music with native instruments maschine.Enjoy the video.Instagram: MR.DOPESTATUSLINK TO MORE OF MY MASCHINE VIDEOSMore Music📸 Instagram📻 SoundCloud:🆓 🆓 🆓 F R E E V I D E O S 🆓 🆓 🆓🔗 Maschine Studio Tutorials🔗 Maschine Live Sets🔗 Piano Tutorials🔗 Beat Instrumentals🔗 Pro Tools Tutorials🔗 Cool Production Tutorials🔗 Beat Making Videos🔗 Talk-box Tuesday🔗 Hip- Hop Samples beats can be used for promotional purpose only, If you want to use the beat for profit purposes please purchase a lease.Prod. By FizzENT