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Thread: BeatElite Electro Acid Logic Pro Template Review

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    BeatElite Electro Acid Logic Pro Template Review

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    One of our members recently reviewed the BeatElite Electro Acid Logic Pro music production template.

    Using the Electro AcĄd Logic Pro Template
    The templates are geared for Logic Pro 9, which I do not have. I have 8, and so I got a warning message about some plugins not being available.

    That being said, I opened it and I didn’t hear anything missing. I’m sure it was some effects and features only available in Pro 9.

    The template is laid out in rainbow colors. I actually prefer to lump similar instruments with adjacent colors rather than shading every track something different, but it didn’t really make a difference.

    The song is a very typical/daft punk type track. This is okay because...

    Check out the full review here: BeatElite Electro Acid Logic Pro Template Review
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