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Thread: Remaking synths for production

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    Remaking synths for production

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    Hello guys,

    Lately I've been experimenting with recreating synths of tracks I love to get a better understanding on how synthesis works and get practice out of it. This is great homework for the ones that want to break free from presets and make their productions more unique and original! Here I'll show you a remake I made from the pulsating bass that is in the beginning of Madeon's song Finale.

    The recording begins with my remake of the bass and then the original, so you can compare.

    Madeon's Pulsating Bass by Vidale

    Feel free to share your opinions and even post some recreations of your own!
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    i like.

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    Regarding the bass sound, add some EQ with a slightly cutting lowshelf and perhaps 100 Hz, and a peak in the lower midrange, and then add a bitcrusher, reduce the samplerate a hint, cut the wet completely, then blend it in a hint. Lastly reduce the resonance on the filter a hint - and you're there.

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