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Thread: New studio, large room, modification

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    New studio, large room, modification

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    Greetings to everybody.
    I just recently rented a big house and want to build a studio in itīs largest room downstairs. Itīs quite large - about 35-40 m2 (long room, not square), about 3 metres to the ceeling.
    The main problem is that the floor is sandstone/hone and I am not allowed to modify it, so the only solution right now is carpet.

    What I was thinking about doing is to split the room in two using a wall of a couple layers of acoustic foam, drywalls and padding, so as to create a large recording environment/booth of sorts (half the room) and a control room - isolating the booth as much as possible and treating the control room acoustically.

    Iīve had a couple of people giving me different advice. Some said I should leave the room as it, treat it acoustically and placing the mic in the middle, others said I should not carpet the room at all etc.

    Now I am humbly asking for your advice. What do you guys think I should do?


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    Hey man !!! i think the best and the cheapest option is to create a decent soundproof room, maybe about a third of the room something that looks like this

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    I'm no expert but from your description you definitely need to do something! Although it may also produce excellent room-reverb... maybe record an impulse for it so you can use your own room in a convolution reverb, lol.
    I like the idea that cicciosound proposes. It could look really cool, and probably works the best. Having separate modules allows you to keep them truly separate from the building. It's also easiest to change, if you need to re-arrange your studio at a later point.... and entirely non destructive to the building. You wouldn't have to put a dank carpet over that nice stone floor, etc.

    Just realised, if you have a high ceiling, and keep the cabin relatively low, you'll have a ton of storage space on it's roof... which is always handy in studios.

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    Yes you need to build a iso booth for sure I have exp doing it if you would like to hear more about construction.

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