Has anyone here ever worked (specifically writing and singing) with someone of a different language before while composing? My coworker Fernando (Now a part of my side project "You and I") is Columbian with a noticeable accent but has a real passion for making music that matches mine. I found it fun and rewarding to help out with the creative process when it came to composing lyrics with him and ended up being more of a ghostwriter for his part. Often finding ways to help him convey the story he was trying to tell with English context and words. Though it can take a while and be a bit tedious I found it rewarding and I love the fact that he ended up sounding like a Hispanic Phill Collins.
The final product ended up being this and I really wanted to have him be involved as much as I could get him as it was his 3rd project with me but his 1st real full one with me.
Be Your Knight - You and I by Professoar | Free Listening on SoundCloud

You can definitely tell which vocalist is him and which one is I, heh heh get it (You and I)?
I wanna know your guy's opinions and experiences and how you did or would approach composing in the situation as well. Also, opinion on the track itself is appreciated as I have not posted it anywhere else yet. Criticism on the lyrics specifically is welcome as that is the sub-thread this is being posted in haha.

Here is some of his lyrics I can remember if you can't tell because of the thick accent.
"Did I take it to far when I said that I need your love
Your staying apart from me makes it feel so wrong
somethign somethign something eeling
beeing drowned by these feelings
no one else got my heart oh baby
so hop in my ride
just let me stay by your side
i'll protect you i'll be your knight"

Be Your Knight - You and I by Professoar | Free Listening on SoundCloud