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Thread: Why aren't cats flowin?

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    Why aren't cats flowin?

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    Man, is it just me, but why aren't cats flowin with their rhymes? I mean, you read some of the text kids are droppin and the ish doesn't even flow. It's like, choppy, if even that. It's not really directed at an individual, more as a reflection of what's been posted.

    With that said, some of you are nice. Like, get on a label and drop some ish nice!
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    u right, sum a us are nice and should get on a label/
    but for sum ... das more fake than a fable/
    sendin niggas back to the cradle /
    yall couldnt top me even if u stood on ten tables/
    this flow is sick, im simply too ill/
    like a hunter wit a bazooka, i easily kill/
    i came ta fulfill a konkuest,/
    ta show that there is no best/
    just ill niggas that murder the rest/
    kid got so much amo the army got stressed/
    im tryin ta prove a point, lemme call out the mass/
    u can ripp me now, but ill come back harder than brass/
    i otha words, ill tople the odds and rambo yo ass.../

    niggas fear wut they dont understand, hate wut they cant konkr.

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