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Thread: Pointers for inspiration

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    Pointers for inspiration

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    I feel as if sometimes my lyrics can almost be too uniform and i would just like some helpful tips and pointers! I have a song released to this but i cant post links just quite yet.

    i sit alone and focus on the beats that i use

    i知 beaten and abused
    but i知 brand fucking new
    i always accuse
    i got trust issues
    i知 too young for that
    who else gonna watch my back
    I stack all these walls
    i'll never let them fall
    i don稚 let anyone in at all
    i rise, i fall
    demise, but i want it all
    device another plan
    got a bottle in my hands
    got something to smoke

    yeah i知 praying that i値l choke
    everyday that i live yeah i lose my fucking hope
    everyday that i live i知 hanging from a rope
    got some dope in my sprite yeah i値l do this shit all night

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    Personally I use anything from current affairs, movies or shows I recently watched, sports, documentaries, books, thoughts (from within my own self), recent events that have happened to me, past events, the list can literally go on and on.

    + Forgot to mention literally one of the most important inspirations for me is listening to music, of all genres new and old... even though I may only write in one genre, the lyrics or even the music and rhythim often have a big impact on what I want to write about.
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    Very insightful that helps mega. Right after I read this I decided to pick up some older rock and punk music amongst other things to get me on track.

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