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Thread: Jazzy chords over heavy drums (f4f)(sub4sub)

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    Jazzy chords over heavy drums (f4f)(sub4sub)

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    For this I used a wurlitzer talkbox style synth and played some jazz tinged chords over it. I'm actually studying jazz piano at a university in Indiana, about to be in my senior year. If you're curious what chords I used, like and comment on the video and i'll be glad to share more of my techniques used. Much love, I'll return any love received. Gave it a "type beat" name for my store that I'm launching.

    Peace & Love. Check the YouTube and SoundCloud for more beats. I will follow/subscribe back, let's collaborate.

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    yeah, I'm diggin it, only criticism, vox sounds a bit too sibilant, on the end of 'beatz' you hear that hiss creepin in, needs taming down a bit imo but overall I support the tune, it's v chilled. Good luck with those studies, jazz language lives 4ever.

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