Hi All,

Started producing back in January, since then I've invested nearly 2k into music equiptment/software and I've done 3/4 masterclasses, watched hundreds of hours of youtube tutorials and masterclasses there too from some of my favourite producers/sound engineers/artists and have since created a few albums I've stuck on spotify & recently a rap track (see rap submissions). I'm still pretty terrible, but I've finally found the one thing I want to get good at you know!? So, I'd appreciate some feedback on just whether you like it or any technical / melody / production issues you may be able to lend an ear to! I'm 28, from the UK.

Thanks in advance! Here's what I'd say are my two best EDM Tracks;


Power (Let Me Show You), a song by Boofy on Spotify
Power by Boofy | Boofy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Then the sax based one where my friend had a chronic back problem so was issued loads of codine, he sent me a video of all these codine boxes he had and was like 'yo mans got that PILL CONNECTION'... I was already working on the track and so just slotted his vocal in, i thought it sounded pretty funny...

Pill Connection

Pill Connection, a song by Boofy on Spotify
Pill Connection by Boofy | Boofy | Free Listening on SoundCloud
- I'm aware the high end is clipping far too much but i've lost this project now!

Thanks again,
- J "Boofy"