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Thread: Wav files and GarageBand

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    Wav files and GarageBand

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    Wondering if anyone can help. Currently using GarageBand on a new iMac. I've dl some sound kits and samples that are wav files. Any info on how I can make those
    Sounds available in my sound library and play them? I've converted some to midi and that allowed it to turn green and play however the instrument and sound didn't apply only the sound pattern. I've always had a passion for music my entire life and play multiple instruments however I just got into production so am only using novation 47 launch key and a brand new iMac desktop. Know I need to upgrade to logic or FL etc but any help with basically how to convert these wav samples I to my sound library is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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    load them in the sampler. go to you tube and look for a video for sampling in garage band and it will show you how to load sounds on the sampler. Then you can make a custom drum kit with the sampled sound wav files you have.

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