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Thread: Altern8 : The Ultimate Producer Sample Pack

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    Altern8 : The Ultimate Producer Sample Pack

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    For all the oldskoolers who are looking a good rave sample pack

    Altern8 : The Ultimate Producer Sample Pack


    This is the sound of Altern8 : The Ultimate Producer Sample Pack
    450 authentic oldskool samples ripped DIRECT from Mark Archer's personal collection, gathered over the past 30 years.
    Over 180 classic Drum loops, hits and fills
    75 banging riffs and basslines
    135 classic oldskool stab sounds, basses, and pads, as used on many Altern8 classics from back in the day
    As an added extra :
    Take a peek behind the mask with all the original RAW samples from 5 different Altern8 classics
    Infiltr8 your computer and Activ8 your creativity.
    Top One, Nice One, Get Samples!
    (Almost) everything in this sample pack is royalty free!*
    The sounds and vocal files contained within the Extras folders are for Producer/DJ personal use only. If any tracks are made using any samples these will be sent personally to Mark Archer to approve for commercial release purposes.

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