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Thread: Help with Warping (Ableton)

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    Help with Warping (Ableton)

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    Can someone please give me an approach on how to warp an acapella into a track I'm working on. The acapella basically fits but is kind of off. Right now I'm putting in warp markers and dragging the beginning of each bar of the acapella to where I think it fits but it sounds off. I see people setting one or no warp markers and dragging it into time but this doesn't really make sense to me, any advice?

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    I’ve struggled with this too. I often collaborate with singers over the web. I work up a track, send them a mix, they record their vocal and send back an acapella and — it’s a little off the beat. How? Beats me. I check to make sure they recorded with the same BPM, yup. Still the vocal is a little faster or slower.

    So what I usually do is hit warp, solo the track, turn on the metronome and start laying down warp markers when it feels like it’s drifting off the beat. It’s tedious and time-consuming so I’d love to find a better way if there is one.

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