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Thread: Any tips on how to make your vocals sound better on Logic pro x?

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    Any tips on how to make your vocals sound better on Logic pro x?

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    Got logic Pro x and i don't know a lot of stuff (beginner)

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    Logic Pro X has a lot of features to get started quickly and make your music sound pro. First off, having a clean, well recorded voice is very important. Without that, you will be spending a lot more time on fixing the tone. Once you have a good recording, it all depends on how you take it from there. Is it for a soft ballad? A pop song? Metal or other heavy genres of music? Or a voiceover? It all depends on the context. General guidelines would be to EQ out the harsh frequencies and compress the voice. The amount of compression and processing depends on the song, and your taste. Try some of Logic's in-built processing preset chains, as well as presets on individual effects. See if you are close to the tone you're looking for with any one of them, and then customize it as required.

    For more detail on vocal processing, you can check this out: Mystic Alankar | Music Production

    Cheers, and all the best!

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