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Thread: OGBama from FP recommended me.

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    OGBama from FP recommended me.

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    What's up folks? My name is Eric MrEzDoezit. OG Bama from FP recommended me .I've been producing music for 5 years 24 hours a day no lie. That's all I do. I quit my normal 9-5 job I work a brand ambassador job on the weekends scrape by week to week but music is what I love if I got that I'm happy cuz that's all I do. I I start releasing my music I have one album out already and I'm working on my fourth just waiting to release them I got one rapper tflexx who rap with me. Im the producer I'm the beat maker im the composer the songwriter the publisher the recording studio I do it all, anyway, good to be here God bless. And get it from the ground up.i have website. Can't post link but it's groundup816productions with the 3 W's and a com on the end. all my links are there SoundCloud Spotify iTunes ReverbNation beatstars Holla At Your Boy peace

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    Welcome EZ.


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