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Thread: Hello, I'm wondering where to get a good studio desk

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    Hello, I'm wondering where to get a good studio desk

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    I'm looking for a good studio desk that has a shelf for an 88-key piano keyboard. I have a Roland JunoDS-88 right now. I need something that I suppose is about 5 feet across that will fit the keyboard but perhaps it would be nice if the shelf could slide up and down as well and not just back and forward. That way I can be a little more sure that whatever chair I have, I will be able to be at the right height when playing. I will be playing a lot too, and not just feeding music into whatever software I use. I'm sort of becoming a jazz pianist, but I don't quite think I've earned that title yet. But I'm basically going to be playing sheet music, and playing improvised songs with my keyboard in this desk, not just using it with my software. So basically I'm saying that I need a desk sturdy enough for prolonged playing or pressing the keys very hard at times.

    My budget is about $800, but it's a flexible budget. I will also be using the desk to play PC games. My speakers are pretty large already too. I was thinking a tabletop that's about 5'x3' would be nice.

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    Have a look on ebay or other 2nd's and you might be able to pick up an IKEA Jerker cheap local to you. A really solid desk fully customisable, shame they discontinued it, perfect for studios. Studio desks are seriously over priced.
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