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Thread: Selling beats online using Online Beat Stores (traktrain, beatstars, etc..)

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    Selling beats online using Online Beat Stores (traktrain, beatstars, etc..)

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    What up g's!

    Been producing for over 8 years and just now realizing that I am sitting on a gold mine ... at least that's what ive been told
    Have never leased or sold beats online, just trough word of mouth and working directly with artists..
    Anybody on here have success on any beat selling site like BeatStars or TrakTrain? Really gonna give it my all this time around and go ham on marketing.. I've watched countless videos from guys like Curtiss King, Adam Ivy, and BusyWorks Beats etc.. and feel pretty confident about starting this as an extra form of income (hopefully full time job ASAP).
    Its never been about the money for me but I'm at the point where I don't have a choice (had to quit my job unexpectedly) and I really can't stand working for somebody else. Hoping to finally find a way making a living doing what I LOVE !!

    Any tips, advice, videos.... literally any type of help are MUCH appreciated !!

    If you care to check my music , my production name is Chef Goyar-D

    Beats by Chef Goyar-D: Buy Beats Online | TRAKTRAIN
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