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Thread: Looking for a collab with a singer [EDM]

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    Looking for a collab with a singer [EDM]

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    Heyyy if you want to collab, hit me up

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    hello. I'm male singer from Portugal. I already have two original songs, looking forward for the third. I'll be glad if you would be my producer...there are conditions in which I might accept or not your offer:

    1) I MUST only accept VOLUNTARY producers for FREE as I'm not yet professional, sorry for that

    2) Do NOT force me to do things your own way. Believe me, I did not have very good conversations with producers last time I got an original, and when I did, our work didn't advance.

    3) NEVER wait for my answers, if you do so, you might get disappointed, so yeah, if I don't answer then I'm afraid you should be the one to talk to me.

    4) And above all, if none of the three previous steps is trouble for you, then I'm glad to say that I'm completelly available for a project. You just need to talk to me on Facebook, 'cause that's when I'm most part of the time online --> Alexis Fernandes | Facebook


    Alexis Fernandes

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