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Thread: SoundsDivine 'Analog Reissue' - Xils-Lab Syn'X 2.5

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    SoundsDivine 'Analog Reissue' - Xils-Lab Syn'X 2.5

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    Analog Reissue contains 100 presets for Xils-Lab Syn’X 2.5

    This soundset recreates some of the classic sounds from the Elka Synthex and also brings some exciting new sounds that weren’t possible with the original hardware.

    Analog Reissue’ features cascading arepeggios, analogue strings, dreamy synth sounds, punchy analog basses, Berlin style sequences, hard + soft sync sounds, vintage brass pads and much more.

    Intro Price - €20
    Normal - €24.95

    Price excludes VAT

    Available as part of the Vintage & Rare soundset.

    Discount available for customers who purchased the ‘X‘ soundset for Syn’X V1 or ‘Vintage & Rare‘ bundle.

    Intro price ends 15th November.

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