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Thread: DRM1 to Twisted Electrons Crazy 8

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    DRM1 to Twisted Electrons Crazy 8

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    I was wondering how easy it'd be to sequence the DRM1 MKIII (non-cv version) with a Twisted Electrons Crazy 8.

    I've never been able to sequence the DRM1 MKIII with anything besides ableton live. Would like to try it with a sequencer.

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    I guess the main problem with the Crazy8 - in this context - is that it only outputs tracks 1-4 through the first MIDI output, and tracks 5-8 from MIDI output 2. So in order to sequence all 8 tracks of the DRM at once, you'd need some kind of a MIDI merge box in between...

    Besides that - or if you're content with just four tracks - it shouldn't be too hard besides the initial MIDI track setup on the DRM's side. Not much to setup on the Crazy8 besides selecting MIDI channels.
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