Zoom uac-2 audio interface help


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Hey guys so I finally purchased my first condenser microphone and I plugged it in and I got a signal running through it but whenever I open the mixfx application it says (disconnected) on the top of the application and no signal goes through it... I've updated all the drivers and applications .. so I have windows 10 with fl studio 20 I go and select the zoom uac-2 asio driver under the input and output and I get a error message - Not enough Asio Output channels available. At least 2 channels are needed and under status it says disabled. So I'm forced to use the zoom uac-2 under the direct sound devices which just gives me the ability to hear fl studio through my monitors.. but in the mixer the insert is greyed out where I would select the mic input ... does anyone have any clue what I can do because I'm getting really frustrated.