'Zebralette Various Trance Soundpack'-FREE Multipack by Edmsoundware


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Hello to all members of FP forum!

I do have quite nice completly free in any way pack for You for this weekend. Hopefully lot of you will find it really helpfull
for studio work.

Here you can find specifiacasions:

'Zebralette Various Trance Soundpack' a freeware soundpack for the U-he Zebralette synthesizer, and 3 Daws done by Lukas Jankowski from Edmsoundware.

Pack Information:
- 3 Various Trance construction kits in: FL Studio 11, FL Studio 20, Waveform Free formats.

- Soundset:20 presets from audio demos

- Midi files:24 presets from audio demos

Download link:
The soundpack is available for download for free(click).

Fl Studio 11 or 20 by Image Line or Waveform free by Tracktion, U-he Zebralette, Tal Reverb 4 v3 by Tal, Span by Voxengo and Loudmax by Thomas Mundt are required. Percussion samples comes from daws.