Your all time favorite pc/console games?


No matter when, I always go back to Pokemon. I absolutely adore Platinum and all of Gen 4, actually. I'm happy that they are getting the remakes that we deserve!!!
Man I remember when Pokemon first game out on the gameboy, the game was next level, still one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Id say that and when Super Smash Bros first came out.


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i do not know if anyone here knows this, but i loveee governor of poker. bluffing your way into winning is the best strategy. hahahahaha.


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For the old and classic pc games on LAN, I love counterstrike, dota, and battle realms. PC games that are online–my all-time-fave is LoL, FIFA, and I've recently picked up a crypto earning game called Wizardia. For console games, my comfort game is either Skyrim or Little Nightmares. I love the Assassin's Creed franchise and the God-of-War franchise, but my ultimate favorite is still the Last of Us.
This is so cool!
It actually reminds me of VoyageIP even though they are at a completely different level :)
Can’t wait for them to launch their NFT Mint on June 23! Let's go!