Young Producer, FeedBack for FeedBack


Amorphous Space Dweller

This is really nice. I like the sound selection, the engineering and the arrangements. This has a nice stagnant energy.

No complaints. Good job.

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I really like the sounds on the ep, Really different. Thats something i always like to hear. VERY nice sounds. That first beat on there is sick. I love the transitions.

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dont feel like this got enough feedback. Im gonna go post my feed on some stuff now


Pete Range
Hey buddy, just had a listen to the first few songs on your page. That aint nothing is f*(&ing banging man. Not sure i like the synth horns, but the 808 and the drums are hard as man. Good work. Production is really good for someone your age as well so props. No talkin goes in hard as well, not quite as good as That aint nothing though but still a dope production. Keep it up man you got talent!

Let me know what you think of my new track when you get a moment:


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Hey dude I just checked out several of your beats, you really do a sick job on the bass and drums. The leads sound great, I just feel that the lead sounds need to be fuller, but that is just my personal preference. I was really digging the track Bout Mine. Keep up the awesome work. My favorite thing about your beats is they have this dark I don't give a **** vibe. That's what I look for in hip hop.
Good Tunes all around

Rare that you find a few people posting and having all around great tunes ! Im gonna leave a second reply with more in depth review in a second here.


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Very talented producer, there's a lot of different styles and the arrangements is great.
Not much to say, it's brilliant.


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Really loving your stuff man - not normally the style I would listen to but these are some bangin' joints you've got! You have a really smooth sound, everything flows. The website is nice as well bro, very professional. How long have you been making beats may I ask? Hollowbottles reminds me of some of the uplifting trance and house I used to listen to which I find is such a hard sound to get right in hip hop. The progression and upliftingness is fantastic.

I've only been at it for a month, I would appreciate some feedback on my thread if you have the chance:[hiphop]-something-nothing-annals-amateur-444561/4/