Yo Gotti ft T.I. & 8ty - King Shit Remix (Prod by R-skillz) Feed4Feed!!!

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Hey, sry. Wanted to return the feedback, but somehow this video is blocked for me and my Youtube-Unblocker is not able to unblock it.


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This hits. I haven't heard the actual track but it goes well with the beat. It has a dope bounce to it and the drums are sick for it. I would agree with Zachy and possibly switch up the melody a little bit. I can hear it in the bass that it's a little different at some parts. No complaints about this


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listened to it.. i thought since it was a remix it would sound similar to the track but i guess not... It's dope but could use more.. the main melody guess played basicaly throughout and it feels kinda repetitive ... the main melody doesn't capture u enough for it to be repeated enough feel me? but beat is dope regardless.. your drum work was excellent


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Thanks for the feed guys! All feed has been returned!

Wow, really nice mix/mastered drums! I think maybe vocal is to loud but generally, you got that fire!
How you get so clean and punchy drums ?
- eq ?
or some more ?


Thanks for the feed bro!

I checked out your track and i like it. The sample is dope and nicely cut. I feel the kick is kinda struggling to get through because of the bass.

Overall dope track keep up the good work!

For drums i usually use compression and EQ to make them punchy and stand out more, and reverb and sometimes delay to create depth and warmth.


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Great quality, Its dosent sound full enough though in my opinion, maybe add something something in the low mid to make it sound a little more dense and maybe add some more notes, just my opinion. The mix and quality is killer though.


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Vocals sound like they fit the beat perfectly. Favorite part is 2:03. There is a four note synth melody that the song starts on, and repeats on most of the song. It gets repetitive after a while. Id say mute it for a few parts of the song or add some variation to it.


Nice... I like the 808 work.. No complaints from me.. I like the filters you got going on & that snare .. Nice work & thanks for the feed !

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i haven't heard the original but this is definitely well mixed and well made. i can't help but think something might be able to be down with the synth bell playing throught. It so sounds kind of clean, maybe it could be twekaed so as to have more character and a be more raw

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This shit is dope. The mix is clean as hell and I like what you did with the bass. The synth around 1.30 is a nice touch, but I feel like there is something missing. Like you forgot to add a key ingredient or something. Not sure what, but it could use another sound or two just to fill the track up some more, maybe a heavy snare/clap roll before some of the transitions. Again, no complaints on the mix, I think everything sounds good as far as levels and space. Good job.

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I'm not a huge fan of the lyrics, but I'm diggin the track itself. The low end is mad solid. It sounds really well mixed, but you can probably add an instrument or two only because it has a lot of room for more sound. Good work man!


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Returning the feedback. I'm actually familiar with the original.

The beat is crisp, but the main (and only?) synth is quite ambient and gets repetative. I feel it's good as a filler, but the beat would sound more full if you added a higher frequency instrument and a mid/lower mid frequency one with a good amount of variation to catch the ear. Besides that, the drums should cut through the beat more, as the kicks and snares are lackluster compared to the instruments.

Also, compared to the original beat, the percieved tempo of this beat doesn't seem to match the vocals, so if you were to add more instruments as leads, I would personally make them at a faster tempo, or at least highlight the high-hats so the rappers vocals match them better.

Overall, it's a professional sounding beat, and it could easily be a hit with the addition of a few more instruments/brightening up the drums, and perhaps a few conceptual changes, but that's just my opinion. Cheers!
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