Yo Gotti ft T.I. & 8ty - King Shit Remix (Prod by R-skillz) Feed4Feed!!!

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I.C.E. Prod.

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Dont really like trap, i think that snare is way over-used. Great melody though, some strong brass would've done the track some good, cause imo its repetative. But great track and nice mixing too


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this is bangin, i like the drum arrangement in particular. i would just add a layer or two to the main synth and maybe switch up the synth a lil bit a couple of times throughout aswell, would really add a lot i think
real dope track overall!


Nice beat, I agree you could add another synth element in though.

Or... at around the 1:30 transition change the melody up.. good stuff.


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The beat fits well with this style of music although I don't really like trap music, this is good for what it is.


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very good sound, like the effects but you play with them little too much i think you could put with the snare some punchy clap like crunk claps this will add a lot to the track...
nice job man ! keep it up !


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Gotdamn. I'm a fan of TI but had never heard this song. I listened to yours first, and it sounded so professional that I assumed yuu just added some small touches to the original. Searched up the original, and realized yuu actually made an entirely original beat. Dope af, I could see this being a hit.

I gotta say I disagree with a lot of the replies here, everything about the beat is on point. The synths, mixing, snare rolls, etc. Being "repetitive" is kinda in the nature of Trap music. "Work (Remix)" being an example of that. It's just a loop, but it was effective and probly my favorite banger of 2013. This shit is perfect b, I'd actually bump this in the whip.
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Feelin the 808s. Think the snare needs to pop more. A lil compression maybe? Feel like it's sittin behind everything. Maybe a lil arp pattern somewhere wit another synth. Vocals and the mix sound on point


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Great beat. Love the 808s. Really drive the song. The filter effects add a nice element to the song. I wouldn't mind a little more variation in the track but that is just my opinion. Overall very clean. Good work


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really well executed man, this is sick i can see this getting major love... pretty nice!

keep it up! i wish u success fam!


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I like the beat. The synth did sound a little repetitive after a while, but the filtering made it hella dope. The drums knocked so nicely. I didn't peep this on speakers though so I can't really tell how hard it hits.


The Beatsmith

mix is pretty clean too

nice job man! only thing i would comment on is the snare, the snare seems a bit low in the mix. try some eq and level adjustments
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