Yamaha MOX6 or Korg Krome73?

Yamaha MOX6 or Korg Krome73?

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I've been searching for legit comparison between the Yamaha MOX6 and Korg Krome. But since the Krome is relatively still young on the streets it’s hard to find real talk about it. I've seen short discussions on some forms but eventually those discussions slowly turn into tech spec quote battles. I don’t really care about all that tech stuff because the listening public doesn’t care about it when they listen to music. So I came on here to get that real talk.

Here’s what I have right now:
MPC 2000xl
Motif Rack ES
Roland XP30
EMU Proteus 1000

The MPC is the center piece that will handle sequencing so the sequencer on the keyboards don’t really figure into it. What I'm mainly looking for is flexibility when in multi-timbral/performance mode and the effects and editing prowess of each and the ease-of-use. Of course sound quality and editing features. And of course, drum kits and the editing of the drum sounds. I would like the 88 weighted keys in both but the price of the synth action keys fits the budget. I can at least get extra keys with the Krome 73. I've spent a few hours at Guitar Center A/B the two boards. They are so close in terms of what you can see yourself doing with them that it’s hard to choose one over the other. I know the standard answers of “it’s all a matter of preference” and “there’s no right or wrong decision”, but I just wanted to get some feedback from my peeps on here that have either board or maybe why you went with one over the other. Or maybe you compared the two yourselves and what you think.

Holla back at ya boi!