XPS 17 or Macbook Pro M1 upgrade? ($4500 Budget)


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Please bare in mind the laptop will also be used for some video and photo editing.

I hear the XPS 17 has a lot of overheating and latency issues but somehow the XPS series always makes it onto ''best music production laptop'' listicles. I wonder if they're even testing the laptops or just going by specs.

I'd go for a custom build with Intel i7-11800H, 32GB Ram, NVIDIA RTX 3050, 1TB SSD. Initially I wanted to max it out to i9-11900H, 64GB Ram, NVIDIA RTX 3060 & 4TB SSD but the machine won't be able cool those specs properly.

As for the Macbook Pro, I'd for the 16'' and I've heard a lot of great things although I've also heard a few issues on thermal throttling. I'm very heavy handed on my VST's so any one project could have 10+ instances of Omniphere's as an example - is this something the M1 could handle?

What is your experience with either of these models? Also happy to look into other recommendations.