Writing Lyrics To Your Own Beats


New member
I never would have imagined this. I can write a verse with no beat, I can write a verse to someone else's beat. However, when it comes time to write to a beat that I made myself, it seems impossible. I just don't feel any emotion or inspiration. All that I can think of when listening to my own beats is "should I add something?", "should I adjust this track's volume?", etc., drowning out ideas for lyrics.

Does this occur to anyone else? Has anyone overcome this?
When you write for others, do you always enjoy the song? Maybe you have higher standards when it's yours? If you don't already just record yourself in key/tone with the song and don't worry about it
I used to have this same mental roadblock. Just hop on the booth, loop your beat and start freestyling melodies, words, humming this will help you find flows and trigger ideas. Trust me it works 100%. If you dont believe me go on my souncloud and all the songs I have up i made with that technique.

I feel like it's the hardest to write to my beats and I don't know why, but my songwriting skills are getting better. I guess I just gotta get more comfortable now.
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