Working with previously mastered material


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Ok. So, 10 years ago (2014) I made this record. looking back on it, I realizeI could have don a little better by:

Applying reverb: original is nearly entirely dry (thinking maybe send it to an ambient space?)

Adding more vocals: original often only one thin vocal

Adding synths: original is a bit tin in places

I still have the mastered tracks - 16 bit 44k

No, I know that the typical response is DO NOT mess with previously mastered tracks. However, as an artist, I am very much tempted to bring these back into my DAW to see what I can do. It can be a 10 year anniversary of my record that very few people have ever heard : )

What I am asking is for advice on approaching this sonically. For example, I was thinking that I would start by pulling the track down by 1 db, so that after I add onto it and have it remastered, there will at least be some headroom to work with. But honestly, I don't know if that is a reasonable approach.

I'd be curious if anyone has advice on this. Have you done it?